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City of Farmington Hills Master Plan for Future Land Use is a  plan to provide a long-range guide for land use development and redevelopment which best reflects the goals of the community and its residents while promoting the health, safety and welfare of the people both living and working in Farmington Hills. The Master Plan accomplishes these goals by:

  • Suggesting future land use patterns for major uses.
  • Indicating the intensity of development.
  • Indicating location of sites for future and existing public facilities.
  • Providing a guide for the location and capacity of roads, in terms of right-ofway width and location.
  • Determining the residential holding capacity of the City.
  • Analyzing the City's economic base.
  • Providing for the redevelopment of areas in the City.
  • (City of Farmington Hills Planning Commission)
  • To view the Master Plan, visit the City of Farmington Hills Website

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Farmington/Farmington Hills Collaboration Study Draft The Cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills jointly concluded to explore collaboration opportunities for the joint provision of services, up to and including a full merger of the two municipalities. This analysis is intended to serve as a preliminary feasibility evaluation to identify potential collaboration opportunities and related benefits. Oakland County has agreed to underwrite the costs of the study. - Plante & Moran